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Based in U.S. & Canada, we provide end-to-end software solution services. Starting from $29 per hour
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How we work

We provide end-to-end software solutions for your business needs, whether it is an app, a software or a business website, We will be here for you.

Tell Us What You Need

First we would like to know your development needs for your business, whether it’s an app, a software or a business website, we will be here for you! A consultant will reach out to you to understand your requirements better prior to setting up the project team for you.


We get a project team for you in 48 Hours

Within 24 to 48 hours we will present you the right candidates for your project and build up the right developer team for your business! 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Once you are satisfied with your project team, we will start working straightaway! Our project managers will do weekly updates to ensure everything is on track. Our team will be available for you 6 hours everyday for time zone overlaps. Your satisfaction is important to us, if you are not satisfied with your current developer team, we will find an alternative  within 7 days!


Simple Pricing

Starting at


✅ We will get a designated project team, just for you!

✅ Our developers come with minimum 3 years of experience

✅ Meticulous work, Smooth workflow 

We will be your business partners, not just developers.

We get a project team for you in 24 Hours

Within 24 hours we will find the right talents and build up the right developer team for your business!

Designated Project Manager

A project manager will be assigned to you to ensure the project is running smoothly and your demands are being met. The project manager is also responsible for weekly updates with clients.

Pre-screened Talents

Our team of developers and designers come screened and evaluated for their coding skills as well as English proficiency to ensure quality of service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with the developer assigned, let us know within the 7-day period and we'll find you an alternative.

We know our stuffs

All developers from Maker1 are experienced in their field, with a minimum 3 years of work experience in their specialty.

Some skills we offer









Android - Java




Developers Showcase



UX/UI Designer with 4 years of experience


Edward Hao

Fullstack JS developer with 6 years of experience


Muhammad Firdaus

Front end and CSS developer with 5 years of experience

Ready to get started?

Hire your dream developer team

We will get the right team for your business needs.

✅ Starting at $29/hour
✅ Senior developers with minimum 3 years experience
✅ Developers have full English proficiency

Become a part of expert team

Do you want to become a Maker1 developer?

✅ Minimum 3 years of development experience
✅ Can fluently communicate in English – Written & Spoken

Maker1 is a software development agency based in U.S. & Canada. We are an international agency.

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